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Good real estate agents are responsive, competent and understand their clients.   
Great real estate agents are all these, plus patient, dedicated and helpful.   
Extraordinary real estate agents not only meet all of these responsibilities and traits, but they go above and beyond.   

But Sammy D and T are in a class of their own, exceeding all of these expectations and more! 

Sammy and T Dounglomchan are far more than real estate agents.  They are friends, counselors, advocates, style advisors, staging experts and even a construction and cleaning crew!  What other real estate agents would spend a day power washing the driveway and house, ruin a manicure to wash windows on French doors, or caulk a bathtub?  They even used their personal connections to help us with home renovations and repairs to ensure a timely sale.   

I am deeply grateful for their wise management of the sale of our home, which was complicated, and even more difficult because of the pandemic.  I am thankful for the many times they managed our anxieties, gently resisted our (almost) bad decisions, and took charge when needed to make it all happen.  Sammy and T truly treated the sale of our home as their own and treated us like family. 

Sammy and T are incredible real estate agents, not just because of their skills and services, but because everything they do flows from their generous, kind, loving hearts.  They are amazing people, and I can’t thank them enough! 
~ Dr. Jean Cheng Gorman
I highly recommend Sammy D and Lady T for real estate related services. They're knowledgeable and great people. There willing to answer questions and keep it honest in the process!
~ Kyle James
My fiancé and I are first home buyers and Sammy D and Lady T helped make this process smooth and easy! They were always available for questions and help. We are so in love with our new home! Thank you so much Sammy D and Lady T!
~ Kaylee Schali
If your looking for a team that will work hard, knows Modesto, understands the real estate business, and will look after your best interests, Sammy and T are the team you need. They are closely connected in the community, always giving back, and very personable people. They helped us purchase our home this year and we couldn't be happier. Thanks so much you guys! See you again soon!
~ Thomas Lopes
My daughter is moving from PA to CA. She is working with a relocation company that connected us with Sam and T. They were fantastic!!!! Not only did they patiently show us 15 apartments in 1 day but they have become friends! T and Sam were honest , kind and gave me peace of mind that my daughter will be safe in her new home . Thank you
~ Lori Beth Frank-Walbert
Thanks to Sammy and Lady T!  Sammy and T have sold two of  my homes and help me purchase one and I highly recommend this real estate team.  Sammy has a real passion for not only the business but getting to know you and they both work tirelessly to get the best results for their clients.  I have come to trust them for not only their savvy professionalism but also for all the vendors that they partner with.  They have real vision for touching up your home and highlighting its best features, from landscaping to home staging.  What I think I like best though is that they really make you feel like a part of the family.  They really care for their clients and it shows.  Give them a try and you'll have no regrets.  They are my realtors,  and friends...for life.  Thanks again!
~ Jamie B.
Sammy D works hard for his clients, I would recommend him and LadyT to anyone of my friends.
~ Jamarr Shavies
Sammy D & Lady T were amazing with helping me find an apartment!! I am relocating from Pennsylvania to California and they took as much time as they could to prepare and show me apartments throughout the area. They showed me around the area, including restaurants, stores, and salons. Sammy and T went above and beyond showing me rentals and fully exceeded my expectations!!!
~ Chloe W.
Working with Sammy D and Lady T at Coldwell Banker was such a smooth process and wonderful experience! The 2 worked tirelessly to find the perfect home that my wife Elyse and I would absolutely love.  They are so knowledgeable about the Central Valley and the housing market and their love for the area truly shows in what they do. Working with them felt like working with really close friends, which made us feel so welcomed to the area and calmed our nerves about moving to a new place and into a new home.  I grew up out here, but Elyse is from the Bay Area, so Sammy and T really went so far out of their way to make her fall in love with the Central Valley.  After finding our beautiful home in Riverbank, they made the process of moving so much less of a headache by helping us find contractors to make the improvements on the home we desired.  I am so happy to be back in the Modesto area and to have friends like Sammy and T!
~ Ian Sanchez, MD
I have worked with Sammy and T both selling a home and buying one over the last couple of years. They work hard, have a energetic personality, and know our community. They helped me tremendously negotiating our new home purchase this year and I am forever grateful. If you need to sell real estate, this team is your best bet!
~ Thomas and Gina Lopes
Sammy and T have been great friends for a very long time. They work hard, always give back to the community, and it was an easy decision to ask them to help us purchase a new home. We needed realtors that we're willing to show us tons of properties and work within our budget to meet our personal and financial needs. Not only did they help us find the home we wanted, they helped negotiate closing costs, property inspections and warranties saving us over $10,000. My wife and I cannot say enough and truly appreciate what they did for us! 
~ Thomas and Gina Lopes
Sammy & T are by far are  the very best real estate agents I have ever worked with. If it wasn't for them we wouldn't have our dream home, we absolutely love it. Their suggestions to us on what to do to obtain our dream home were spot on. They are down to earth, honest, they have integrity, and they know the industry like no other. They treat you like family and will go all out for you. If you don't work with Sammy and T you're not working with the best.  I recommend them to everybody. We are definitely customers for life.
~ Susana and Oscar Diaz
Sammy D And Lady T are fantastic Real Estate agents. Talk about high energy! THEY make you feel like you are family, in fact we call each other brother. Sammy and Lady T are great negotiators, and I can honestly brag first hand about them and their Real Estate skills. Thank you to Sammy and Lady T for using your Real Estate skills for us, and for continuing to refer me mortgage business. You are both great!
~ Jim L.
Sammy & T are an AMAZING team.  From the moment they saw my house, they envisioned what it can look like.  They listed ideas and designs I didn't think about and worked tireless to bring it all into fruition!  To summarize my experience with the couple, it was nothing short of amazing.  All the renovations and touch ups on the house were completed ahead of schedule and my house looked brand new and gorgeous! 

Upon finishing renovations, They were able to bring in multiple buyers to bid on the house and I was offered a higher than asking price from a potential buyer...all within a week!  Escrow closed smoothly and I was able to move to LA without worries!  Amazing team!!!  Experience, knowledge, and hard work....all wrapped up in one team! I'd highly recommend Sammy D & Lady T if you want the job done right!
~ Sandy Y.